About Us

Who We Are

GKLINKS® is a privately owned trading company and established in the year of 2017.

The basic functions of the company are to source / manufacture, market and distribute supermarket foodstuffs and beverages from both the domestic market.

GKLINKS® started by the motivation of a small family business, from 1985 when the core business of the family at that time was manufacturing readymade pants to the Wholesalers of the Lal Building, Chickpet, Bangalore. In the year 2010 major part of the business was shut and in 2017 to retract the network and the quality production GKLINKS® was registered. The company has grown rapidly since then and now employs 10 people with warehouse and office space in Bangalore.

We are well recognized with a proven professional sales and marketing, warehouse and distribution operation. Subsequently, we are dealing with all the reputed supermarkets and retail operators.

We are continuously sourcing products, which we feel have the potential to impact on the Indian market. We ensure that we possess all the essential experience, awareness and resources to the success of our suppliers.

We majorly deal with Water Softeners, Water purifiers, School bags, Uniforms, Textile & Garments, Electrical Appliances, Mop Refills and Masks.

As a Brand we are in the FMCG business for more than 2 years and trading in domestic markets currently.

A few words about

Distribution Sales

We are stockiest for Eco Crystal and Softline Water treatment products and we receive domestic and imported stocks from factories and company warehouses.

With this model we can provide fresh stock and thereby increase the shelf life of the products.

We can provide bulk goods locally in India catering to retailers and supermarkets.

We give delivery of goods at the doorstep with our wide spread logistics facilities in place.

We supply to schools and Wholesalers in the market, who in turn supplies to most of the wholesalers.

We have our own fleet of vehicles and warehouses to cater to business needs. Our warehouses are well maintained and protected against adverse weather conditions. We check the product and packing quality at our warehouse before sending it to our customers.

In case of promotional and gift items for business, or for regular usage in factories/Industries we can provide bulk goods with standard quality and competitive price. Since we have direct links with corporate and as a result we can offer special pricing for the requirements.


With growing demands of the customers to get quality products we started its own brand “GKLINKS®”. The main aim behind “GKLINKS®” is to provide superior quality products at affordable prices. Also a lot of research and development is done by our well-equipped team to see that our customer’s specifications are met. We take pride in giving new and finer products to our customers.

The vendors with whom we deal over the years have become part of our team and are more like a family. They follow stringent quality checks and ethical business practices before supplying to us.


At the Management level, we have people with experience in trading and exports for more than a decade. We also have young enthusiastic people who are well trained in marketing and finance at board level, which brings modernization and young energy flowing into our organization.

We have well trained staff taking care of day to day requirements of clients and this staffs are with us for a long time thus ensuring the complete customer satisfaction.


Keeping in mind the goal of becoming the world’s preferred and sought-after supplier GKLINKS® aims to:

  1. Spot the Developing niche markets and take advantage of these opportunities.
  2. To develop & innovate the simpler & transparent ways of doing business with our partners.
  3. Build enduring and mutually beneficial business association.
  4. Build infrastructure which boost Exports.
  5. See to that the end customers enjoy their life at the best with our quality products.
  6. Foster a work environment that facilitates the growth of employee strengths in tandem with that of the company.
  7. To maintain he Consistency in the pricing, availability and Support.


We want to see GKLINKS® spreading its reach all around the world and growing its business year on year. We want us to be known as a preferred supplier in the Global marketplace providing quality products and quick service.

Also we would like to see that our customers prefer our products, as they add value to their lives and our suppliers should view us as a genuine partner.


Our Head Office and main warehouse is located in Bengaluru and we have sales offices and warehouses in Kolkata. This network of offices provides us with a broad coverage of the market.

Featured Brands

  1. Eco Crystal
  2. Spotzero
  3. Softline

Featured Products

  1. Eco Crystal Softeners and Purifiers
  2. Spotzero mops & House Cleaning Products
  3. Softline Softeners and purifiers
  4. GKLINKS Silk Dhotis, Silk felicitation Shawls, Microfiber Mop refills, School Bags, Copper Bottles, Cotton hemp & Flower Curtain Tie Backs, Microfiber Pillows, Cushions, Cushion Covers, Hose pipes, Water Purifier Cartridges, Cotton & Polyester Masks

Customer Portfolio and Customer Profile

We Supply to all parts of India by means of retail sales and we have a customer base from the Military, Schools, Hospitals, Restaurants, Wholesalers, Mini and Independent retailers.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

GKLINKS® concentrates on brand building and brand custodianship in the Indian retail sector.

GKLINKS®’s marketing plans are continuously being fine-tuned, to take into consideration the needs and wants of an ever-changing marketplace.

We endeavor to construct consciousness of the brand firstly through distribution and listings in the retail trade and making use of robust ground level within the store events such as in-store promotions, sampling to end users and coupons for selected periods of the year.

Based on the product range we will also do high level advertising and we will position advertising and advertorials in targeted mediums.

Our about

Supply Chain Management

GKLINKS® has warehouses in Bangalore and Kolkata; with the head office based in Bangalore. The company delivers to approximately 250 chain stores per month in India

We also have the specific portfolio of the agencies and retailers who are happy to push our products primarily, which made our relationship strong and it is mutually beneficial.

Worldwide shipping

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