Eco Crystal Fresh N Clean J

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Benefits of using Fresh N Clean J with a Washing Machine:


  • Removes Dirt, Dust and Mud
  • Brings Clean and Clear Water
  • Makes the water physically soft
  • Prevents scale formation in pipes and other places
  • The Detergent will be used Effectively, saves the Detergent
  • Water is heated quicker and reduces Electricity consumption
  • Does not lead to allergic conditions from detergents
  • Scale Free Container and heating coil
  • Increases the life and Efficiency of the Washing Machine
  • Decreases the Maintenance of the Appliance
  • Hygienic Wash, improves wash quality and clothes become softer
  • Reduces the traces of the detergent on the washed clothes
  • Less de-colourization of the clothes
  • Finally, what you get is MAGNETIC TREATED WATER


Weight 0.730 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 9.5 × 18 cm


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